Albany, New York
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GEMB mis-manages my JC Penney account. I missed last month's payment, intending to make both payments this month. Caller ID shows they have called my house every day, several times a day, since last month.

They called six (6) times this past Saturday alone! Owe them alot, you think? Not! The balance is $265.

How much are they hounding the cr-- out of me for? Lousy $40! I guess they are going broke without my $40! I can choose to miss a payment if I want and don't care about their *** late fee. And who doesn't have at least one "30 day late" on their credit report these days?

Filing a complaint with the FTC as these repeated calls are harassment, pure and simple. You know where I want them to put the $40.

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Hello All

Be sure to file a complaint with the BBB and your state's attorney general and the Federal attorney general's offices. Maybe we can put GEMB out of business for their practices.

They also out source their collection agency to India.

I received two collection calls when I missed a payment of $18.56, for the first time in 7 years.

Didn't matter that I'd always paid in full, and often paid before the due date. This was a Lowe's account which is mis-managed by GEMG.