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I am going to file bankruptcy. have had a RV loan with them since 2/07, and put a large amount down on the trailer purchased from RV World in FLA.

I have been working with a lawyer and gave them his name/number. Last Thursday I talked with Michael. He said to try hard to sell it and he would call back nexzt week, I come home from grocery and it is gone. None of my neighbors could tell me the name of the Trucker.

I call and the bunch handleing this do not work weekends. I call the sherrif and he says wait until MON. The thing that *** me off is that I have personal items in the drawers, etc. I Want Them Back. I class this as theft. I am not able to file at this moment, and have told them this. My car is in hiding. T

Monetary Loss: $19.

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Yea! Pay your bills and this wouldn't be an issue!


pay your *** bills and you won't have this problem

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