Burlington, Wyoming
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It is past time for GEMB customer to get together and file a class action suit against this company. They have ruined the credit of way too many people by their holding payments until past the due date so they can charge late fees.

They have sold the loans to another company and the customers were never notified of the sale. Let's get together and hold them accountable for their shoddy business practices. It is time for the consumer to stand up and make they accountable.

We do have rights and it is time we got together and exercised those rights.

Monetary Loss: $650.

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Email me ... I have a case pending and would like to hear from you.



Yeah, I was just woke by a repo team. I have had a loan with gemb for 8 years.

I filed bancrupcy in 2008. There seem to be no problem. I have been making the payments. Never heard a word from them that there maybe a problem.

No letters. no phone call. Nothing. 12 midnight July 19 2011 the repo team just took my boat.

I find out through them that gemb was bought out by another bank. I had know idea. From what I have read.

It does not sound good. So I'm in on any class action suit.


I financed an RV with Thor Credit Corp in 2004. Recently GEMB took over the loan.

In speaking with them they told me I had $30 in late fees on the account. I asked them when they were put on the account & they told me 4-2005; 4-2006; and 5-2007. The company never advised me of this and I am now having to dispute these charges and it is costing me money to develop old check copies to prove these people put these charges on fraudulently.

I am in the legal field and want to have a class suit. What can we do??